Play to Earn Crypto Games

play to earn crypto games

Play to earn is a new concept where players play games and get tokens as rewards. As the popularity of Blockchain Games grows, more firms are offering their crypto for gamers, publishers, and advertisers.

The idea behind these cryptocurrencies is that they will be used within the platform itself, and all transactions can be done via cryptocurrency. The transactions are Decentralized, Transparent, Publicly accessible, and, most importantly, provide anonymity to the players. 

Is Play-To-Earn Gaming Is Driving NFT And Crypto Growth? 

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have been two of the biggest talking points in recent years. The rapid growth in the crypto industry has been driven by Play-To-Earn gaming, where players are incentivized to play games to earn crypto tokens. 

NFT game CryptoKitties 

Cryptokitties, the Ethereum blockchain-based collectible virtual cats, was one of the first decentralized apps (dapps) on ethereum’s network and was launched in December 2017. Players were required to breed their unique virtual cats that have different attributes. 

The in-game currency in CryptoKitties was initially backed by ether tokens, which saw the game garner a huge following, with some prices of these virtual cats reaching well over $100k. As the game’s popularity grew, it became apparent that there is a need for an in-game economy where users can buy, sell and trade to their heart’s content. 

Gaming has always been a major component of the Internet. Playing games online has created opportunities for developers, players, and advertisers alike. Many game companies also rely on in-game purchases that allow gamers to buy digital coins or items.

These virtual assets can be used in one game or traded for other items across different titles. This practice has made gamers and third-party organizations very wealthy. The concept of earning from gaming isn’t new, but players can use their assets across different platforms is a relatively new phenomenon. 

Many people have invested huge amounts of money into games hoping to enjoy a sense of progress within the game world. However, some people have also asked if it’s possible to have this kind of experience without spending real money. NFTs provide the answer to that question with their play-to-earn model, or rather cryptogame mechanics. 

By using non-fungible tokens, gamers can play a game and earn rewards for its completion. The emergence of crypto games has also created new possibilities. Blockchain-based games allow for more transparency, fairness, and immutability. 

How can I make money through crypto gaming? 

One of the ways you can earn money in Crypto Gaming is by winning a tournament and claiming your prize provides little returns or find. You must own some cryptocurrency or use an existing betting account balance to participate in tournaments.  Once you have some crypto or fiat, go to the tournaments page. 

Tournaments are your best bet when guaranteeing profits with Crypto Gaming, but other ways are too. 

How to Pick the Right Play-to-Earn Game for You 

The best play-to-earn game is the one you enjoy playing.  If you are playing a game that provides little returns or find it difficult to advance in the game, consider switching to another title. 

The best play-to-earn games are ones that remain fun for gamers throughout their entire engagement.  If your enjoyment of the game wanes quickly, perhaps you should consider switching to another title. 

If you aren’t sure which play-to-earn game best suits your needs, ask a friend who is playing the game or post in one of the many online forums dedicated to free-to-play titles. 

Hundreds of other gamers are talking about their experiences with different games and can help you decide which titles will provide the best payouts. 

Play to Earn Crypto Games 

Play to Earn Crypto-Games is a relatively new way to earn cryptocurrency. Sites like  CoinPot pay you to play minigames, watch videos, and complete offers. and are examples of sites that offer this type of crypto game, which only requires time and patience to earn tokens. I have personally earned over $150 worth of crypto in under 2 months playing these types of games. 

An example of a “Play to Earn Crypto Game” on TripleClicks is Treasure Hunt. All you have to do is hunt for treasure by clicking on colored eggs until you find some that match the color shown by your clue giver.

You must click on each egg 5 or more times before it will crack and reveal the prize. Some prizes are worth up to 50 cents, while others can be worth $2.00 or even $4.00+ (if you get a “Super Rare”). 

What’s the future of play-to-earn crypto games? 

This question needs to be asked because it’s common for people to believe that every play-to-earn game will be replaced by a “real cryptocurrency” one day.

Not only would this mean a complete change in the business model of most companies out there that employ this particular way to monetize their games, but it would also mean that there’s no room for new games to employ this kind of monetization strategy.

Well, the answer is simpler than expected: Play-to-earn simply won’t die any time soon. 

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