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The Mad Wizard of Russia

Max Asabin – Digital Visionary,

By Evan Peter

I am a graphics designer and keeping up with GD trends and trendsetters is something I do to stay ahead of the curve. I recently became aware of a Photoshop wizard from Russia named Max Asabin. Asabin’s work on the far end of the spectrum and completely out of the box. He is a fine artist with an innate sense of style and intuition. His creativity and vision are awe inspiring.

In today’s design world, specifically with those who use Photoshop, there are an abundance of visual resources available to take visual imagery way beyond what was available for generations with original photography. Max is a genius and a true original at the art of manipulating images in a way to make them his own. He brings various images to life with crazy Photoshop skills – playing with and manipulating them like a mad scientist. His finished pieces look like they were created by a staff of photographers and a team of special effects wizards. But in the end, his works have been created by just one guy in Russia, with a computer loaded with Photoshop and images, and an originally amazing vision.

As someone who has worked in Photoshop for over 25 years, I’m in awe of Max’s talent. He has a fine-tuned eye and a drive for perfection in a flawed world.

It was hard to choose my favorite work from Max. These examples show the initial designed composition of different scrapes and images, and the finished piece of art. These are transformed montages of discourse into a story of wonder.

Check this out!

*All images excluding “Our Attempt” are credited and sourced from Max Asabin –

Notice how he converts images with different light sources, camera directions, contrast, colors and densities – into unique and cohesive original art.

Look at the amazing simulations of particles, fire, glowing light, clouds, fabrics, shading and rim light (when the light source is behind the subject – with a development of that soft glow around the hair, fabric and face that brings the images to life).

Creation of a new atmosphere.

There is whimsy and magic in his work that he creates from ordinary, mundane stock images.

With photography scraps that come from different sources and times of day and location – look at the seamless continuity that creates a place that has never been.

Masterfully hides flaws, with layers that add to the creativity of the final image, not just hiding the imperfections.

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